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Bully by Cat Power

cat powerAmerican songwriter and musician Charyln “Chan” Marshal’s twenty year career is an inspiration to those who not only listen to her haunting songs but also to those as they fight similar battles on the path of life. Though most know Chan by her stage name, Cat Power, her place as an invincible voice in music is found by looking at the hurdles she’s climbed. As she transcended addiction, fought depression, loved, lost, and truly lived, she remained true to her craft and created an eclectic mix of indie, soul, and blues. With achievements sound as her talent, Chan’s honest, candid, original, and absolutely genuine sound is rare and true. Chan can rub a listener’s heart raw while filling the ears with the same sorrowful hope she instills in every performance and album.

Boy, you’re a bully
Through the grass and the river you chase
You were cruel
You were so mean
Laughing right in my face
All the while you had my back, my best friend
I can still feel that smile on my face

Twenty seven was a good year, the best
The back of the bar watching me dance in a dress
Remember that night in Paris,
All those candles you lit
I could never forget
You and all the alcohol
Sleepin’ on the street
Sleepin’ on a train
Lookin’ like a crook with a cane
You come back home with a twist of your tongue
And a devilish smile on your face

And when you got sick
You were through with fun and games
Now that the times have all changed
I can’t find you
I can’t put you back into place

Nothing could be done
For this young wild son
Standing on the street
In a hospital sheet
On the run from the police
A dumb girl on your arm
That look on your face
All those crazy things you said to me
I could never forget

Everything you had to go through
With a smile on your face
Everything we did now know
With a smile on our face
I, I can never forget