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He Never Lies by Rebecca Foust

foust2Indie Excellence Award winner Rebecca Foust applies much of her life experiences – from beginnings in a rural Pennsylvania town to work as a grassroots political organizer and advocate for autism – as the basis for more than just poetry. The result: a swift strike to the heart matched with a ferocious honesty which rubs the wounds raw. As the mother of a child with Asperger’s, Foust’s ability to draw attention to the struggle of parenting a child with special needs while managing all that life hurls at us all is simple and divine. With just two highly acclaimed books published at present, Foust’s edgy style and ability to grapple the more difficult experiences of modern life suggest that in due time this author will win not only awards but, more importantly, the hearts of her readers.

“not because he won’t
or doesn’t know better
or how, he just can’t.
I imagine hi telling
too much of a truth,
or hell-bent on one
of his endless, spiraling,
descending dissents.

I fear he’ll be over blunt
or otherwise by accident
draw their attention,
annoyance, their rage.
How far might they
go to assuage discomfort
with difference?
I imagine him drugged
or locked down on a ward.
In my nightmare
he’s caged.”