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I Don’t Want Love by The Antlers


The Antlers, a lo fidelity, high rocking, and purely heart wrenching Brooklyn based group broke onto the music scene nearly seven years ago when Peter Silberman, Michael Lerner, and Darby Cicci united forces. Their Indie/folk rock roots paired with emotive guitar and electric infused melodies and evocative lyrics have steadily delivered a punch to the guts to any listener since Silberman birthed much of his band’s music in a self described “kamikaze” style from the start. When Justin Stivers joined the group, the band mates transcended several personal hurdles and produced several albums which succinctly unravel the universe through song. Blending heavy themes of life, death, and relationships to chords is the The Antlers’ forte. Stabbing straight into the hearts of fans is their specialty. As one of the rare few contemporary groups capable of successfully traversing the meaningful and meaninglessness of life, the Antlers are remarkable with a musicianship ranking among sheer geniuses.

“You wanna climb up the stairs
I wanna push you back down
But I let you inside
So you can push me around.

If I leave before you,
And I walk out alone,
Keep your hands to yourself
When you follow me home.

I don’t want love
I don’t want love

We wake with pounding heads,
Bruised down below.
I should have built better walls,
Or slept in my clothes.

So if I see you again,
Desperate and stoned,
Keep your prison locked up,
And I will leave my gun at home.

I don’t want love.
I don’t want love.”