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Love is Lost by David Bowie

bowiethenextdayFor over 40 years, eclectic and electric rocker David Bowie has entertained fans and critics with his powers as an iconic singer, songwriter, producer, composer, and actor. With twenty five studio albums brimming with Bowie’s customary brilliance, his latest release is beyond stellar. As one of the most commercially successful contemporary performers, David Bowie is back and almost in spite of passing the age most retire, he’s more hip than most of his competition. Already mentioned as one of the best comeback albums of all time, The Next Day is one of Bowie’s fastest charting albums to date – a peak well earned after four decades of making music.

It’s the darkest hour, you’re 22
The voice of youth, the hour of dread
It’s the darkest hour and your voice is new
Love is lost, and lost is love

Your country’s new, your friends are new
Your house, and even your eyes are new
Your maid is new, and your accent, too
But your fear is as old as the world

Say goodbye to the thrills of life
When love was good, when love was bad
Wave goodbye to the life without pain
Say hello, your beautiful girl

Say hello to the greater men
Tell them your secrets they’re like the grave
Oh what you have done, oh what you have done
Love is lost, lost is love
You know so much, it’s making me cry
You refuse to talk, but you think like mad
You’ve cut out your soul and the face of thought
Oh what have you done, oh what have you done”