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Among these mountains by James W. Hackett

haikuContemporary American poet and philosopher James W. Hackett devoted his life’s work to preserving and pioneering the ancient Japanese art of haiku in his native language, English. Vitally instrumental in bringing haiku to the U.S., Hackett’s efforts greatly assisted in making this form of poetry highly popular throughout the States and in other countries. Dubbed “Mr. Haiku” by a Japanese abbott for his prize winning passion for short, syllabic prose, Hackett based much of his craft in existential themes and the strong binds of tradition. In honor of his craft and abilities, Hackett was recognized by the British Haiku Society with the James W. Hackett Annual International Award for Haiku given to recipients from 1991 until 2009.

Among these mountains,
I’ve lost my longing to live
in an ancient time.”