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Taking a nap by Buson

haikuYosa (or also Taniguchi) Buson is highly esteemed and considered one of the greatest artists in the Bunjina literarti style. Second only to Basho in terms of haiku mastery, Buson began training as a late teen in Edo (Tokyo) under the instruction of Matsumara Goshun and became the best known disciple of his teacher. With painting, Japanese pictorial art, haiku, and haiga, Buson’s spontaneous, sensual themes and often hidden stories captured a lyrical sense of grace, time consciousness, landscape, dynamics of humanity, and romantic mystery.

Taking a nap
I hide within myself -
winter seclusion

From: Haiku: An Anthology of Japanese Poems by Stephen Addiss, Fukimo Yamamoto, and Akira Yamamoto