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A Riddling Tale by The Brother’s Grimm

grimbrosThe Brother’s Grimm were a sibling pair of German authors who penned a collection of fantastical feats and extraordinary human magic known as Grimm’s Fairy Tales (or Grimms Marchen in their native tongue.) The stories, adventures, and myth captured by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm have inspired, stunned, and even scared children and adults since first published in 1812. Despite tremendous controversy and criticism for the content of some of the tales, the collection of over 200 highly acclaimed, prize winning stories has entertained generations for over two hundred years.

Three women had been turned into flowers that grew in the meadow, but one of them was allowed to go home at night. Once, just before daybreak, when she would soon have to go back to her firends in the field, she said to her husband: “If you come and pick me this morning, I shall be set free ad then I shall stay with you always.” And that is just what happened. The riddle is: Considering that the three flowers were exactly alike, without the slightest difference between them, how did her husband recognize her?
Answer: Since she had spent the night in the house and not in the meadow, the dew had not fallen on her as it had on the other two. That’s how her husband recognized her.”