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Sharpen Your Wordsmithing Skills

If you didn’t know that the word “worthsmithing” is the present participle of the means of changing text to improve it’s overall style and clarity, this page is for you.  Hone your words into steel by referring to any of the following links: 

About.com’s  Explanation of postpositions and their function as noun or pronoun followers.

The Apostrophe Protection Society   The most frequently abused punctuation of all time in most texts has been served and saved since 2001 by John Richards.  When he created The Apostrophe Protection Society it was to prevent the catastrophes and atrocities committed to this poor little dangling mark.  Ensure you do your part to keep the apostrophe safe from harm.

DailyWritingTips Know how and when to use digits or figures and when to write out numbers in words with this list of 10 Rules For Writing Numbers and Numerals.

English Grammar Online 4 U can help assure your noun descriptors otherwise known as adjectives and adverbs otherwise known as verb modifiers are proper.

1stWebDesigner offers a comprehensive overview of packing the most punch in your words with it’s great 10 Must Follow Tips For Effective Writing.

Jerz’s Literacy Weblog  offers great email writing tips.

JimLoy’s  list of Some Commonly Misused Words help ascertain the differences between words similar in sound and spelling but with very different meanings.

Letter Writing Guide gives advice, pointers, and samples

Library Online  provides all of the proper capitalization rules.

Literacy Education Online Identify your verbs and subject to form clearer, more accurate and exceptionally punctuated sentences with the helpful tips available here.  This will help you convey what you mean and be especially helpful during the proofreading process.

The Punctuation Guide  is the source for thorough and simple reference and has a great list for the  Top Ten Punctuation Tips.

Purdue Online Writing Lab The proper use of prepositions has never been so great.

Refseek  offers one of the most comprehensive list of online dictionaries and encyclopedias.  With 30 of the best reference tools available online, Refseek’s list is based upon authority, usability, utility, and coverage.

Towson University has a nice refresher to remind all of us that our words need harmony as much as music does.  To ensure basic subject-verb agreement, follow the simple rules listed here.

The University of Ottawa offers the ultimate list distinguishing all types of pronouns to ensure sentences do not seem redundant or wordy.  Definitions and samples of personal, demonstrative, interrogative, indefinite, relative, reflexive, and intensive pronouns can be found here.

Writing Forward lets you know how to properly use ellipsis marks

The Writer’s Handbook offered by The Writer’s Center at the University of Wisconsin – Madison  provides visitors wih means of improving writing style, better understanding the writing process, and key elements in properly citing references.  This site even provides punctuation and grammar rules as well as editing checklists and ways of improving proofreading.