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That Brute Simmons by Arthur Morrison


British author, journalist, editor, and novelist Arthur Morrison was a prominent twentieth century writer best known for his ability to effectively harness reality. Highly praised for his contributions to literature and art, Morrison is best known for his books, A Child of the Jago, and Tales of Mean Streets. Almost all of his works involve [...]

The Kings of Orion by John Buchan


Scottish historian, politician, and novelist John Buchan was an adventurer who based much of his craft in the experiences he had as a diplomat. Buchan’s posts as the Governor General of Canada, Parliament member to the Combined Scottish Universities, and WWI British propaganda writer earned him significant praise and recognition from the top leaders of [...]

The Hammer of God by G.K. Chesterton


English philosopher, poet, journalist, lecturer, critic, biographer, debater, and author Gilbert Keith “G.K.” Chesterton was best described by close friend George Bernard Shaw as a “man of colossal genius.” Chesterton’s mark on 20th century literature, politics, and religion is indelible. His abilities a “prince of paradox” have astounded generations of thinkers, readers, critics, other writers, [...]

The Rocking-Horse Winner by D.H. Lawrence


English novelist, playwright, literary critic, essayist, poet, painter, and former teacher David Herbert “D.H.” Lawrence is considered one of the most influential and opinionated artists of the 20th century. With themes centered around issues of poverty, oppression, instinct, vitality, morality, health, spontaneity, and even sex, Lawrence and his artistic integrity faced harsh criticism. Upon his [...]

The Ditmarsh Tale Of Lies by The Brother’s Grimm


The Brother’s Grimm were a sibling pair of German authors who penned a collection of fantastical feats and extraordinary human magic known as Grimm’s Fairy Tales (or Grimms Marchen in their native tongue.) The stories, adventures, and myth captured by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm have inspired, stunned, and even scared children and adults since first [...]

The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell


Richard Edward Connell, Jr. was an author whose collection of works totaled into the hundreds. From roots born at the tender age of 10 as a reporter for a local newspaper in his hometown of Poughkeepsie, New York, Connell advanced to establish a promising career following in his father’s, writer and politician Richard Edward Connell, [...]