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Getting old by Socho

haikuArtist, chronicler, and haiku/renga poet Takebe Socho earned praise and recognition for his work and as the son of famed calligrapher Yamamoto Ryosai. As a disciple of Buddhist monk and renga master Iio Sogi, Socho learned much from his master and the experiences he encountered during the Muromachi period. He worked closely with other students influenced by Sogi to produce an honest and realistic collection of works. As a self proclaimed “Yamato painter,” Socho’s style included lots of color in his painting (known as ukiyo-e style) and also in his writings depicting the theme of life and living.

Getting old-
I slip on a watermelon rind
as I dance”

From: Haiku An Anthology of Japanese Poems by Stephen Addiss, Fukimo Yamamoto, and Akira Yamamoto