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The sound of the raindrops by Santoka

haikuTaneda Santoka was the pen name of Taneda Shoichi, the Japanese author and poet best known for the twentieth century movement of free verse haiky. As one of the most prominent “rebel” writers of the time period, Santoka’s work and lifestyle were quite unconventional and riddled with suffering. Financial problems, family struggles, and loss seasoned much of his craft and provided the inspirational foundation to produce seven collections of poetry. As a follower of Seisensui, Santoka worked closely with Ozaki Hosai and unfortunately the pair fed their drinking habits as well as their craft. An over reliance on the aid and support from patrons afforded Santoka a livable but difficult life as he contributed as an editor to haiku magazines and honed his craft until his death at the age of 57.

The sound
of the raindrops
also grown older”