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voabularyrecHere’s a list of sites we consider a tool box of word treasures! Find word meanings, word spellings, synonyms, translations, and great tips to overcome tip of the tongue syndrome or writer’s block by clicking any of the links below!

Yourlocal library is likely the number one place to improve your vocabulary since reading everything you can get your eyes on is vital to possessing an extensive vocabulary. You can also source, analyze, and utilize the best information available today. Plus it doesn’t hurt to pick up a couple of books to read at your leisure.

If visiting your library and reading wasn’t enough (and you still want more) check out Daily Writing Tips’ great article about How To Improve Your Vocabulary

Learn How To Build Your Vocabulary here with a simple step by step guide!

Grammerly is a great site which allows users to proofread, grammar check, optimize text and avoid plagiarism. Plus it’s drag and drop feature easy to use and time efficient!

We all laugh but know full way the inherent dangers in relying on auto correct. That’s why when it comes to communications, Spell Check is essential!

If you spend enough time online, you encounter foreign languages. Whether it’s English, Yiddish, Latin, French, Spanish, Dutch, or any of the seventy languages available,Google Translate is one of the best tools to help you understand what’s being communicated as quickly as a copy, paste, and click of the mouse.

If you’re in a hurry and need to find an alternative to a word you already used, Synonym is the site you need. It’s simplicity of offering just English synonyms, antonyms, and definitions makes finding what you’re looking for a snap!

If you’re not in a hurry and need a little more than what Synonym can offer, look to Roget’s online Thesaurus . This site offers a thesaurus (as the title suggests) plus antonyms, definitions, an online dictionary, a word of the day, games, interesting articles and several other cool features.

You’re writing a poem, song, or piece and are stumped to find something which fits the beat or rhyme. Here’s ample reassurance: it not only happens to the best of us, but there’s a site for that! Rhymezone ‎ can help!

If you’re thinking of a word…you know, that one but can’t seem to recall or find it. Good news: all of that mind power is not lost thanks to Tip Of My Tongue . Use the plug ins to tap into finding precisely what you want to find.

You’re stuck at a blank page. Or stranded in the middle of a term paper. Or losing faith in your writing career. Or just tapped out. It happens. And you can learn tried and true ways to pump the spirit back into your work, find new work, or source new ways of improving your work with Writers in Charge . You can thank us later in the comments section.

Writer’s block happens to all of us at some point. Tear that wall down brick by boring brick and clear up your creativity constipation with this: The 10 Types of Writer’s Block And How To Overcome Them

Thank you for your time. Good luck and go write!!!