focusing on words and literature

Focusing on Latin-Greek prefixes, roots, suffixes found in English; and self-scoring vocabulary quizzes

The World-Wide Web is one great series of LINKS. Check out the sites here and Experience the Wonder of Words as you investigate the advanced-vocabulary Web-site links shown below.

  • Experience the wonder of words by focusing on the Latin and Greek elements used in English at the Focusing on Words site.
  • Explore English Words with a program of Latin-Greek cross references that will enhance your English-vocabulary skills and word studies by Exploring Words and following the links found at this Web Site.
  • There are special Latin-Greek lists (basic Latin lists and basic Greek lists) available for learning English words at the Get Words Web Site.
  • You will find links to cross-references of English words and images at Word Philes.
  • A rich source of Latin and Greek quotations may be found at the Lex Files Web Site where you may use a search program for specific and/or general mottoes, proverbs, phrases, and words.