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Definitions and Synonyms of accident | Another word for accident | What is accident?

Definition 1: anything that happens suddenly or by chance without an apparent cause - [noun denoting event]

Samples where accident or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • winning the lottery was a happy accident
  • the pregnancy was a stroke of bad luck
  • it was due to an accident or fortuity

Synonyms for accident in the sense of this definition

(accident is a kind of ...) an event that happens

(... is a kind of accident ) an accidental happening

"he recorded all the little haps and mishaps of his life"

(... is a kind of accident ) an unexpected piece of good luck

"he finally got his big break"

(... is a kind of accident ) an event that might have been arranged although it was really accidental

(... is a kind of accident ) something that is regarded as a chance event

"the election was just a lottery to them"

Definition 2: an unfortunate mishap; especially one causing damage or injury - [noun denoting event]

(accident is a kind of ...) an instance of misfortune

(... is a kind of accident ) an accident resulting from violent impact of a moving object

"three passengers were killed in the collision" "the collision of the two ships resulted in a serious oil spill"

(... is a kind of accident ) a serious accident (usually involving one or more vehicles)

"they are still investigating the crash of the TWA plane"

(... is a kind of accident ) an accident that results in physical damage or hurt

(... is a kind of accident ) an accident that destroys a ship at sea

(... is a kind of accident ) an accident that causes someone to die

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