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Definitions and Synonyms of actomyosin | Another word for actomyosin | What is actomyosin?

Definition 1: a protein complex in muscle fibers; composed of myosin and actin; shortens when stimulated and causes muscle contractions - [noun denoting substance]

(actomyosin is a kind of ...) any of a large group of nitrogenous organic compounds that are essential constituents of living cells; consist of polymers of amino acids; essential in the diet of animals for growth and for repair of tissues; can be obtained from meat and eggs and milk and legumes

"a diet high in protein"

(actomyosin is made of the substance ...) one of the proteins into which actomyosin can be split; can exist in either a globular or a fibrous form

(actomyosin is made of the substance ...) the commonest protein in muscle; a globulin that combines with actin to form actomyosin

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