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Definition 1: street names for methylenedioxymethamphetamine - [noun denoting artifact]

Synonyms for adam in the sense of this definition

(adam is a kind of ...) a stimulant drug that is chemically related to mescaline and amphetamine and is used illicitly for its euphoric and hallucinogenic effects; it was formerly used in psychotherapy but in 1985 it was declared illegal in the United States

"MDMA is often used at parties because it enables partygoers to remain active for long periods of time"

Definition 2: (Old Testament) in Judeo-Christian mythology; the first man and the husband of Eve and the progenitor of the human race - [noun denoting person]

(adam is an instance of ...) an adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman)

"there were two women and six men on the bus"

(adam belongs to category ...) the collection of books comprising the sacred scripture of the Hebrews and recording their history as the chosen people; the first half of the Christian Bible

Definition 3: Scottish architect who designed many public buildings in England and Scotland (1728-1792) - [noun denoting person]

Synonyms for adam in the sense of this definition

(adam is an instance of ...) someone who creates plans to be used in making something (such as buildings)

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