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Definitions and Synonyms of afars and issas | Another word for afars and issas | What is afars and issas?

Definition 1: a country in northeastern Africa on the Somali peninsula; formerly under French control but became independent in 1997 - [noun denoting location]

Synonyms for afars and issas in the sense of this definition

(afars and issas is an instance of ...) any one of the countries occupying the African continent

(afars and issas is a part of ...) port city on the Gulf of Aden; the capital and largest city of Djibouti

(... is part of afars and issas) a peninsula of northeastern Africa (the easternmost part of Africa) comprising Somalia and Djibouti and Eritrea and parts of Ethiopia

(... is part of afars and issas) the second largest continent; located to the south of Europe and bordered to the west by the South Atlantic and to the east by the Indian Ocean

(afars and issas is a member of ...) a native or inhabitant of Djibouti

(... is a member of afars and issas) an international organization of independent Arab states formed in 1945 to promote cultural and economic and military and political and social cooperation

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