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Definitions and Synonyms of aircraft landing | Another word for aircraft landing | What is aircraft landing?

Definition 1: landing an aircraft - [noun denoting act]

Synonyms for aircraft landing in the sense of this definition

(aircraft landing is a kind of ...) the act of coming down to the earth (or other surface)

"the plane made a smooth landing" "his landing on his feet was catlike"

(... is a kind of aircraft landing ) an unscheduled airplane landing that is made under circumstances (engine failure or adverse weather) not under the pilot's control

(... is a kind of aircraft landing ) aircraft landing in bad weather in which the pilot is talked down by ground control using precision approach radar

(... is a kind of aircraft landing ) a landing in which all three wheels of the aircraft touch the ground at the same time

(... is a kind of aircraft landing ) an aircraft landing made entirely by means of instruments

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