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What is another word for rib?

What's another word for rib? | Here's a list of synonyms for rib.

Definition 1: support resembling the rib of an animal - [noun denoting artifact]

Definition 1: a projecting molding on the underside of a vault or ceiling; may be ornamental or structural - [noun denoting artifact]

Definition 1: any of the 12 pairs of curved arches of bone extending from the spine to or toward the sternum in humans (and similar bones in most vertebrates) - [noun denoting body]

Definition 1: a riblike supporting or strengthening part of an animal or plant - [noun denoting body]

Definition 1: a teasing remark - [noun denoting communication]

Definition 1: cut of meat including one or more ribs - [noun denoting food]

Definition 1: subject to laughter or ridicule - [verb of communication]

Definition 1: form vertical ribs by knitting - [verb of creation]