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What is another word for swallow?

What's another word for swallow? | Here's a list of synonyms for swallow.

Definition 1: the act of swallowing - [noun denoting act]

Definition 1: small long-winged songbird noted for swift graceful flight and the regularity of its migrations - [noun denoting animal]

Definition 1: a small amount of liquid food - [noun denoting food]

Definition 1: believe or accept without questioning or challenge - [verb of cognition]

Definition 1: keep from expressing - [verb of cognition]

Definition 1: tolerate or accommodate oneself to - [verb of cognition]

Definition 1: take back what one has said - [verb of communication]

Definition 1: utter indistinctly - [verb of communication]

Definition 1: engulf and destroy - [verb of competition]

Definition 1: pass through the esophagus as part of eating or drinking - [verb of consumption]

Definition 1: enclose or envelop completely, as if by swallowing - [verb of contact]