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What is another word for tap?

What's another word for tap? | Here's a list of synonyms for tap.

Definition 1: a light touch or stroke - [noun denoting act]

Definition 1: the act of tapping a telephone or telegraph line to get information - [noun denoting act]

Definition 1: a faucet for drawing water from a pipe or cask - [noun denoting artifact]

Definition 1: a plug for a bunghole in a cask - [noun denoting artifact]

Definition 1: a tool for cutting female (internal) screw threads - [noun denoting artifact]

Definition 1: a small metal plate that attaches to the toe or heel of a shoe (as in tap dancing) - [noun denoting artifact]

Definition 1: the sound made by a gentle blow - [noun denoting event]

Definition 1: a gentle blow - [noun denoting event]

Definition 1: make a solicitation or entreaty for something; request urgently or persistently - [verb of communication]

Definition 1: draw from; make good use of - [verb of consumption]

Definition 1: strike lightly - [verb of contact]

Definition 1: cut a female screw thread with a tap - [verb of contact]

Definition 1: pierce in order to draw a liquid from - [verb of contact]

Definition 1: walk with a tapping sound - [verb of motion]

Definition 1: dance and make rhythmic clicking sounds by means of metal plates nailed to the sole of the dance shoes - [verb of motion]

Definition 1: draw (liquor) from a tap - [verb of motion]

Definition 1: tap a telephone or telegraph wire to get information - [verb of perception]

Definition 1: make light, repeated taps on a surface - [verb of perception]

Definition 1: draw from or dip into to get something - [verb of possession]

Definition 1: furnish with a tap or spout, so as to be able to draw liquid from it - [verb of possession]