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Definitions and Synonyms of antennariidae | Another word for antennariidae | What is antennariidae?

Definition 1: frogfishes; tropical spiny-finned marine fishes having large nearly vertical mouths; related to toadfishes and anglers - [noun denoting animal]

Synonyms for antennariidae in the sense of this definition

(antennariidae is a kind of ...) any of various families of fish

(antennariidae is a member of ...) fish having a frog-like mouth with a lure on the snout

(antennariidae is a member of ...) small fantastically formed and colored fishes found among masses of sargassum

(... is a member of antennariidae) anglers and batfishes; spiny-finned marine fishes having pectoral fins at the ends of armlike processes and a long movable spine on the dorsal fin to lure prey to the large mouth

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