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Definitions and Synonyms of apodiform bird | Another word for apodiform bird | What is apodiform bird?

Definition 1: nonpasserine bird having long wings and weak feet; spends much of its time in flight - [noun denoting animal]

(apodiform bird is a kind of ...) warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings

(... is a kind of apodiform bird ) a small bird that resembles a swallow and is noted for its rapid flight

(... is a kind of apodiform bird ) birds of southeast Asia and East Indies differing from true swifts in having upright crests and nesting in trees

(... is a kind of apodiform bird ) tiny American bird having brilliant iridescent plumage and long slender bills; wings are specialized for vibrating flight

(... is a member of apodiform bird) swifts; hummingbirds

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