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Definitions and Synonyms of aquatic bird | Another word for aquatic bird | What is aquatic bird?

Definition 1: wading and swimming and diving birds of either fresh or salt water - [noun denoting animal]

(aquatic bird is a kind of ...) warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings

(... is a kind of aquatic bird ) freshwater aquatic bird

(... is a kind of aquatic bird ) stately heavy-bodied aquatic bird with very long neck and usually white plumage as adult

(... is a kind of aquatic bird ) any of many long-legged birds that wade in water in search of food

(... is a kind of aquatic bird ) any of various small aquatic birds of the genus Gallinula distinguished from rails by a frontal shield and a resemblance to domestic hens

(... is a kind of aquatic bird ) a bird that frequents coastal waters and the open ocean: gulls; pelicans; gannets; cormorants; albatrosses; petrels; etc.

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