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Definition 1: mostly tropical trees and shrubs and lianas: genera Panax and Hedera - [noun denoting plant]

Synonyms for araliaceae in the sense of this definition

(araliaceae is a kind of ...) a family of dicotyledonous plants

(araliaceae is a member of ...) type genus of Araliaceae; large widely distributed genus of shrubs and trees and vines: spikenard; Hercules'-club

(araliaceae is a member of ...) Old World woody vines

(araliaceae is a member of ...) small to medium evergreen dioecious trees of oceanic climates: puka

(araliaceae is a member of ...) perennial herbs of eastern North America and Asia having aromatic tuberous roots: ginseng

(araliaceae is a member of ...) large genus of shrubby and climbing tropical plants having showy digitately compound foliage

(... is a member of araliaceae) plants having umbels or corymbs of uniovulate flowers; includes the Umbelliferae (chiefly herbs) and Cornaceae (chiefly trees or shrubs)

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