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Definitions and Synonyms of ardennes counteroffensive | Another word for ardennes counteroffensive | What is ardennes counteroffensive?

Definition 1: a battle during World War II; in December 1944 von Rundstedt launched a powerful counteroffensive in the forest at Ardennes and caught the Allies by surprise - [noun denoting act]

Synonyms for ardennes counteroffensive in the sense of this definition

(ardennes counteroffensive is an instance of ...) a fierce battle fought in close combat between troops in predetermined positions at a chosen time and place

(... is part of ardennes counteroffensive) a war between the Allies (Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Iran, Iraq, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Philippines, Poland, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, USSR, Yugoslavia) and the Axis (Albania, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Rumania, Slovakia, Thailand) from 1939 to 1945

(ardennes counteroffensive belongs to a domain located in ...) a wooded plateau in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France; the site of intense fighting in World War I and World War II

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