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Definitions and Synonyms of ascribe | Another word for ascribe | What is ascribe?

Definition 1: attribute or credit to - [verb of cognition]

Samples where ascribe or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • We attributed this quotation to Shakespeare
  • People impute great cleverness to cats

Synonyms for ascribe in the sense of this definition

(ascribe is a kind of ...) form a critical opinion of

"I cannot judge some works of modern art" "How do you evaluate this grant proposal?" "We shouldn't pass judgment on other people"

(... is a kind of ascribe ) regard as objective

(... is a kind of ascribe ) attribute responsibility to

"We blamed the accident on her" "The tragedy was charged to her inexperience"

(... is a kind of ascribe ) ascribe an achievement to

"She was not properly credited in the program"

(... is a kind of ascribe ) attribute human qualities to something

"The Greeks personated their gods ridiculous"

(... is a kind of ascribe ) ascribe human features to something

(... is a kind of ascribe ) attribute to another source

(... is a kind of ascribe ) give someone credit for something

"We credited her for saving our jobs"

(... is a kind of ascribe ) ascribe to an origin in sensation

(ascribe has a similar meaning as ...) attribute (responsibility or fault) to a cause or source

"The teacher imputed the student's failure to his nervousness"

(... is a kind of ascribe ) incorporate within oneself; make subjective or personal

"internalize a belief"

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