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Definition 1: (astronomy) a cluster of stars (or a small constellation) - [noun denoting object]

(asterism is a kind of ...) an object occurring naturally; not made by man

(... is an instance of asterism) a group of seven bright stars in the constellation Ursa Major

(... is an instance of asterism) a cluster of seven stars in Ursa Minor; at the end of the dipper's handle is Polaris

(... is a member of asterism) a configuration of stars as seen from the earth

(asterism belongs to category ...) the branch of physics that studies celestial bodies and the universe as a whole

Definition 2: (mineralogy) a star-shaped figure with six rays that is seen in some crystal structures under reflected or transmitted light - [noun denoting shape]

(asterism is a kind of ...) a plane figure with 5 or more points; often used as an emblem

(asterism belongs to category ...) the branch of geology that studies minerals: their structure and properties and the ways of distinguishing them

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