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Definitions and Synonyms of auspicious | Another word for auspicious | What is auspicious?

Definition 1: auguring favorable circumstances and good luck - [adjective denoting all]

Samples where auspicious or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • an auspicious beginning for the campaign

(auspicious is similar to ...) likely to turn out well in the future

"had a bright future in publishing" "the scandal threatened an abrupt end to a promising political career" "a hopeful new singer on Broadway"

(auspicious is similar to ...) presaging good fortune

"she made a fortunate decision to go to medical school" "rosy predictions"

(means also ...) presenting favorable circumstances; likely to result in or show signs of success

"propitious omens" "propitious gales speeded us along" "a propitious alignment of planets for space exploration"

(... are attributes of auspicious) the favorable quality of strongly indicating a successful result

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