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Definitions and Synonyms of banana tree | Another word for banana tree | What is banana tree?

Definition 1: any of several tropical and subtropical treelike herbs of the genus Musa having a terminal crown of large entire leaves and usually bearing hanging clusters of elongated fruits - [noun denoting plant]

Synonyms for banana tree in the sense of this definition

(banana tree is a kind of ...) a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests

(... is a kind of banana tree ) low-growing Asian banana tree cultivated especially in the West Indies for its clusters of edible yellow fruit

(... is a kind of banana tree ) Asiatic banana plant cultivated especially as a foliage plant in Japan

(... is a kind of banana tree ) a banana tree bearing hanging clusters of edible angular greenish starchy fruits; tropics and subtropics

(... is a kind of banana tree ) widely cultivated species of banana trees bearing compact hanging clusters of commercially important edible yellow fruit

(... is a kind of banana tree ) Philippine banana tree having leafstalks that yield Manila hemp used for rope and paper etc

(... is a member of banana tree) type genus of the Musaceae: bananas

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