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Definitions and Synonyms of blue-collar | Another word for blue-collar | What is blue-collar?

Definition 1: of or designating manual industrial work or workers - [adjective denoting all]

(blue-collar is similar to ...) employed in industry

"the industrial classes" "industrial work"

(blue-collar is similar to ...) doing or requiring physical work

"manual labor" "manual laborer"

(blue-collar is similar to ...) working for hourly wages rather than fixed (e.g. annual) salaries

"working-class occupations include manual as well as industrial labor"

(means also ...) not having or showing or requiring special skill or proficiency

"unskilled in the art of rhetoric" "an enthusiastic but unskillful mountain climber" "unskilled labor" "workers in unskilled occupations are finding fewer and fewer job opportunities" "unskilled workmanship"

Definition 2: of those who work for wages especially manual or industrial laborers - [adjective satellite denoting all]

Samples where blue-collar or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • party of the propertyless proletariat

Synonyms for blue-collar in the sense of this definition

(blue-collar is similar to ...) occupying the lowest socioeconomic position in a society

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