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Definition 1: fastening firmly together - [noun denoting act]

Synonyms for bonding in the sense of this definition

(bonding is a kind of ...) the act of fastening things together

Definition 2: (dentistry) a technique for repairing a tooth; resinous material is applied to the surface of the tooth where it adheres to the tooth's enamel - [noun denoting cognition]

(bonding is a kind of ...) a practical method or art applied to some particular task

(bonding belongs to category ...) the branch of medicine dealing with the anatomy and development and diseases of the teeth

Definition 3: a close personal relationship that forms between people (as between husband and wife or parent and child) - [noun denoting linkdef]

(bonding is a kind of ...) a relation between persons

(... is a kind of bonding ) the formation of a close personal relationship between women

(... is a kind of bonding ) the formation of a close personal relationship between men

"the rituals known as male bonding do not necessarily involve drinking beer together"

(... is a kind of bonding ) the attachment that forms between an infant and its mother beginning at birth

"maternal-infant bonding influences the child's psychological and physical development"

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