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Definitions and Synonyms of bride | Another word for bride | What is bride?

Definition 1: a woman who has recently been married - [noun denoting person]

(bride is a kind of ...) someone recently married

(... is a kind of bride ) bride of a serviceman during wartime

Definition 2: a woman participant in her own marriage ceremony - [noun denoting person]

(bride is a kind of ...) someone who takes part in an activity

"he was a major player in setting up the corporation"

(... is a member of bride) a party of people at a wedding

Definition 3: Irish abbess; a patron saint of Ireland (453-523) - [noun denoting person]

Synonyms for bride in the sense of this definition

(bride is an instance of ...) the superior of a group of nuns

(bride is an instance of ...) a person who has died and has been declared a saint by canonization

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