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Definition 1: (botany) the whorl of sepals of a flower collectively forming the outer floral envelope or layer of the perianth enclosing and supporting the developing bud; usually green - [noun denoting plant]

(calyx is a kind of ...) a round shape formed by a series of concentric circles (as formed by leaves or flower petals)

(... is a kind of calyx ) persistent enlarged calyx at base of e.g. a strawberry or raspberry

(... is a kind of calyx ) calyx composed of scales or bristles or featherlike hairs in plants of the Compositae such as thistles and dandelions

(calyx is a part of ...) one of the green parts that form the calyx of a flower

(... is part of calyx) collective term for the outer parts of a flower consisting of the calyx and corolla and enclosing the stamens and pistils

(calyx belongs to category ...) the branch of biology that studies plants

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