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Definition 1: large genus of trees and shrubs with berrylike fruit - [noun denoting plant]

Synonyms for celtis in the sense of this definition

(celtis is a kind of ...) genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination

(celtis is a member of ...) any of various trees of the genus Celtis having inconspicuous flowers and small berrylike fruits

(celtis is a member of ...) bright green deciduous shade tree of southern Europe

(celtis is a member of ...) large deciduous shade tree of southern United States with small deep purple berries

(celtis is a member of ...) deciduous shade tree with small black berries; southern United States; yields soft yellowish wood

(... is a member of celtis) a dicot family of the order Urticales including: genera Ulmus, Celtis, Planera, Trema

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