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Definitions and Synonyms of chrysanthemum segetum | Another word for chrysanthemum segetum | What is chrysanthemum segetum?

Definition 1: European herb with bright yellow flowers; a common weed in grain fields - [noun denoting plant]

Synonyms for chrysanthemum segetum in the sense of this definition

(chrysanthemum segetum is a kind of ...) any of numerous perennial Old World herbs having showy brightly colored flower heads of the genera Chrysanthemum, Argyranthemum, Dendranthema, Tanacetum; widely cultivated

(... is a member of chrysanthemum segetum) in some classifications many plants usually assigned to the genus Chrysanthemum have been divided among other genera: e.g. Argyranthemum; Dendranthema; Leucanthemum; Tanacetum

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