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Definitions and Synonyms of cigar | Another word for cigar | What is cigar?

Definition 1: a roll of tobacco for smoking - [noun denoting artifact]

(cigar is a kind of ...) tobacco leaves that have been made into a cylinder

(... is a kind of cigar ) a cigar with both ends cut flat

(... is a kind of cigar ) small cigar or cigarette wrapped in tobacco instead of paper

(... is a kind of cigar ) a cigar made with light-colored tobacco

(... is a kind of cigar ) a long cigar with blunt ends

(... is a kind of cigar ) a long slender cigar

(... is a kind of cigar ) a cheap cigar

(cigar is a part of ...) small part of a cigar that is left after smoking

(cigar is a part of ...) the tobacco used to form the core of a cigar

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