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Definition 1: palmlike gymnosperms: includes the surviving order Cycadales and several extinct orders; possibly not a natural group; in some systems considered a class (Cycadopsida) and in others a subdivision (Cycadophytina or Cycadophyta) - [noun denoting plant]

Synonyms for class cycadopsida in the sense of this definition

(class cycadopsida is a kind of ...) (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders

(class cycadopsida is a member of ...) primitive tropical gymnosperms abundant in the Mesozoic, now reduced to a few scattered tropical forms

(class cycadopsida is a member of ...) fossil gymnospermous plants of the Carboniferous

(... is a member of class cycadopsida) plants having naked seeds not enclosed in an ovary; in some systems considered a class (Gymnospermae) and in others a division (Gymnospermophyta); comprises three subdivisions (or classes): Cycadophytina (class Cycadopsida) and Gnetophytina (class Gnetopsida) and Coniferophytina (class Coniferopsida); in some classifications the Coniferophytina are divided into three groups: Pinophytina (class Pinopsida) and Ginkgophytina (class Ginkgopsida) and Taxophytina (class Taxopsida)

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