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Definitions and Synonyms of commelinidae | Another word for commelinidae | What is commelinidae?

Definition 1: one of four subclasses or superorders of Monocotyledones; comprises about 19,000 species in 25 families of mostly terrestrial herbs especially of moist places including: Cyperaceae; Gramineae; Bromeliaceae; and Zingiberaceae - [noun denoting plant]

Synonyms for commelinidae in the sense of this definition

(commelinidae is a kind of ...) (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders

(commelinidae is a member of ...) grasses; sedges; rushes

(commelinidae is a member of ...) tropical plants

(commelinidae is a member of ...) an order of monocotyledonous herbs

(... is a member of commelinidae) comprising seed plants that produce an embryo with a single cotyledon and parallel-veined leaves: includes grasses and lilies and palms and orchids; divided into four subclasses or superorders: Alismatidae; Arecidae; Commelinidae; and Liliidae

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