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Definitions and Synonyms of conducting wire | Another word for conducting wire | What is conducting wire?

Definition 1: a metal conductor that carries electricity over a distance - [noun denoting artifact]

Synonyms for conducting wire in the sense of this definition

(conducting wire is a kind of ...) a device designed to transmit electricity, heat, etc.

(... is a kind of conducting wire ) a thin wire (usually tungsten) that is heated white hot by the passage of an electric current

(... is a kind of conducting wire ) a jumper that consists of a short piece of wire

"it was a tangle of jumper cables and clip leads"

(... is a kind of conducting wire ) wire connecting an antenna to a receiver or a transmitter to a transmission line

(... is a kind of conducting wire ) a length of wire that has a plug at each end; used to make connections at a patchboard

(... is a kind of conducting wire ) the wire that carries telegraph and telephone signals

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