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Definitions and Synonyms of cutting edge | Another word for cutting edge | What is cutting edge?

Definition 1: the sharp cutting side of the blade of a knife - [noun denoting artifact]

Synonyms for cutting edge in the sense of this definition

(cutting edge is a kind of ...) a sharp side formed by the intersection of two surfaces of an object

"he rounded the edges of the box"

(... is part of cutting edge) the flat part of a tool or weapon that (usually) has a cutting edge

(... is part of cutting edge) any cutting tool with a sharp cutting edge (as a chisel or knife or plane or gouge)

Definition 2: the position of greatest importance or advancement; the leading position in any movement or field - [noun denoting cognition]

Samples where cutting edge or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • the Cotswolds were once at the forefront of woollen manufacturing in England
  • the idea of motion was always to the forefront of his mind and central to his philosophy

Synonyms for cutting edge in the sense of this definition

(cutting edge is a kind of ...) a way of regarding situations or topics etc.

"consider what follows from the positivist view"

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