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Definitions and Synonyms of dasyuridae | Another word for dasyuridae | What is dasyuridae?

Definition 1: dasyures; native cats; pouched mice; banded anteaters; Tasmanian devils - [noun denoting animal]

Synonyms for dasyuridae in the sense of this definition

(dasyuridae is a kind of ...) a family of mammals

(dasyuridae is a member of ...) small carnivorous nocturnal marsupials of Australia and Tasmania

(dasyuridae is a member of ...) type genus of the family Dasyuridae: native cats

(dasyuridae is a member of ...) Tasmanian wolf

(dasyuridae is a member of ...) Tasmanian devil

(dasyuridae is a member of ...) pouched mice

(dasyuridae is a member of ...) banded anteater

(... is a member of dasyuridae) coextensive with the subclass Metatheria

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