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Definitions and Synonyms of dendroctonus rufipennis | Another word for dendroctonus rufipennis | What is dendroctonus rufipennis?

Definition 1: small beetle that likes to bore through the bark of spruce trees and eat the cambium which eventually kills the tree - [noun denoting animal]

Samples where dendroctonus rufipennis or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • the spruce bark beetle is the major tree-killing insect pest of Alaska spruce forests

Synonyms for dendroctonus rufipennis in the sense of this definition

(dendroctonus rufipennis is a kind of ...) small beetle that bores tunnels in the bark and wood of trees; related to weevils

(... is a member of dendroctonus rufipennis) genus of small bark beetles destructive especially to mature conifers

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