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Definitions and Synonyms of distressful | Another word for distressful | What is distressful?

Definition 1: causing distress or worry or anxiety - [adjective satellite denoting all]

Samples where distressful or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • distressing (or disturbing) news
  • lived in heroic if something distressful isolation
  • a disturbing amount of crime
  • a revelation that was most perturbing
  • a new and troubling thought
  • in a particularly worrisome predicament
  • a worrying situation
  • a worrying time

Synonyms for distressful in the sense of this definition

(distressful is similar to ...) marked by great psychological weight; weighted down especially with sadness or troubles or weariness

"a heavy heart" "a heavy schedule" "heavy news" "a heavy silence" "heavy eyelids"

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