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Definitions and Synonyms of domesticize | Another word for domesticize | What is domesticize?

Definition 1: overcome the wildness of; make docile and tractable - [verb of change]

Samples where domesticize or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • He tames lions for the circus
  • reclaim falcons

Synonyms for domesticize in the sense of this definition

(domesticize is a kind of ...) cause to change; make different; cause a transformation

"The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city" "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue"

(... is a kind of domesticize ) make submissive, obedient, or useful

"The horse was tough to break" "I broke in the new intern"

(domesticize has a similar meaning as ...) make fit for cultivation, domestic life, and service to humans

"The horse was domesticated a long time ago" "The wolf was tamed and evolved into the house dog"

(domesticize belongs to category ...) a living organism characterized by voluntary movement

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