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Definitions and Synonyms of drumstick | Another word for drumstick | What is drumstick?

Definition 1: a stick used for playing a drum - [noun denoting artifact]

(drumstick is a kind of ...) an implement consisting of a length of wood

"he collected dry sticks for a campfire" "the kid had a candied apple on a stick"

(... is a kind of drumstick ) a light drumstick with a rounded head that is used to strike such percussion instruments as chimes, kettledrums, marimbas, glockenspiels, etc.

Definition 2: the lower joint of the leg of a fowl - [noun denoting food]

(drumstick is a kind of ...) an individual quantity of food or drink taken as part of a meal

"the helpings were all small" "his portion was larger than hers" "there's enough for two servings each"

(... is a kind of drumstick ) the lower joint of the leg of a turkey

(... is a kind of drumstick ) the lower joint of the leg of a chicken

(drumstick is a part of ...) the flesh of the legs of fowl used as food

(... is part of drumstick) the flesh of a bird or fowl (wild or domestic) used as food

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