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Definitions and Synonyms of earnestness | Another word for earnestness | What is earnestness?

Definition 1: the trait of being serious - [noun denoting attribute]

Samples where earnestness or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • a lack of solemnity is not necessarily a lack of seriousness

Synonyms for earnestness in the sense of this definition

(earnestness is a kind of ...) a distinguishing feature of your personal nature

(... is a kind of earnestness ) the trait of sincere and steadfast fixity of purpose

"a man of energy and commitment"

(... is a kind of earnestness ) a manner that is serious and solemn

(... is a kind of earnestness ) a trait of dignified seriousness

(... are attributes of earnestness) concerned with work or important matters rather than play or trivialities

"a serious student of history" "a serious attempt to learn to ski" "gave me a serious look" "a serious young man" "are you serious or joking?" "Don't be so serious!"

(... are attributes of earnestness) not serious in content or attitude or behavior

"a frivolous novel" "a frivolous remark" "a frivolous young woman"

Definition 2: an earnest and sincere feeling - [noun denoting feeling]

Synonyms for earnestness in the sense of this definition

(earnestness is a kind of ...) a solemn and dignified feeling

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