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Definitions and Synonyms of earth's surface | Another word for earth's surface | What is earth's surface?

Definition 1: the outermost level of the land or sea - [noun denoting object]

Samples where earth's surface or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • earthquakes originate far below the surface
  • three quarters of the Earth's surface is covered by water

(earth's surface is a kind of ...) a relatively thin sheetlike expanse or region lying over or under another

(... is a kind of earth's surface ) the bottom surface of any lake or other body of water

(... is a kind of earth's surface ) the lower inside surface of any hollow structure

"the floor of the pelvis" "the floor of the cave"

(earth's surface is a part of ...) the part of the earth's surface covered with water (such as a river or lake or ocean)

"they invaded our territorial waters" "they were sitting by the water's edge"

(earth's surface is a part of ...) an open or empty space in or between things

"there was a small opening between the trees" "the explosion made a gap in the wall"

(... is part of earth's surface) the solid part of the earth consisting of the crust and outer mantle

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