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Definition 1: generic term for inflammatory conditions of the skin; particularly with vesiculation in the acute stages - [noun denoting state]

(eczema is a kind of ...) a disease affecting the skin

(... is a kind of eczema ) inflammation of the skin; skin becomes itchy and may develop blisters

(... is a kind of eczema ) eczema caused by an allergic reaction

(... is a kind of eczema ) eczema characterized by a feverish condition and widespread eruption of vesicles; most common in children

(... is a kind of eczema ) a now rare complication of vaccinia superimposed on atopic dermatitis with high fever and generalized vesicles and papulovesicles

(... is a kind of eczema ) eczema characterized by thickening of the skin with accentuated skin lines

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