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Definitions and Synonyms of etching | Another word for etching | What is etching?

Definition 1: making engraved or etched plates and printing designs from them - [noun denoting act]

Synonyms for etching in the sense of this definition

(etching is a kind of ...) artistic design and manufacture of prints as woodcuts or silkscreens

(... is a kind of etching ) the act of engraving on a steel plate

(... is a kind of etching ) a method of etching that imitates the broad washes of a water color

Definition 2: an etched plate made with the use of acid - [noun denoting artifact]

(etching is a kind of ...) a block or plate or other hard surface that has been engraved

Definition 3: an impression made from an etched plate - [noun denoting artifact]

(etching is a kind of ...) a print made from an engraving

(... is a kind of etching ) an etching made by a process that makes it resemble a water color

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